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Norway is a land that is ripe for exploration, many of the best sights are to be found in remote areas. Do you want to know what's the best vehicle during winter? If this is your first time renting a car in Norway, you probably have some questions. We will do our best to answer them.
Norway Guide

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Car rental in Norway

When people travel to a country outside of their own, they are often a little nervous about driving there. There is the belief that road signs will be impossible to read, or that driving on the other side of the road may prove to be an issue. Things generally aren’t as tough as you might imagine, though, and getting behind the wheel of a car is often the best way to get around. A car rental in Norway is a good idea, especially if your plan is to get out and see the many natural wonders that are on offer in this beautiful country.

If you are used to being in a left-hand drive country, you are going to have a little bit of adjustments, as Norway is right hand drive. It is also more than likely that you will be driving a vehicle that comes with a manual transmission. Your car rental in Norway can be an automatic if you wish, but you are going to have to ensure that you make that choice obvious when you book your rental. There are a few major highways around Oslo where the speed limit is 110km/h, but for the most part, you are looking at a general speed limit of 80km/h in most places.

Visitors who arrive in Norway from major metropolitan cities are often surprised at how quiet the roads are, even in and around larger cities. While the roads are clear and well maintained, there are some things that you need to be prepared for.

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Driving in Norway

We spoke earlier about how some travelers may be put off by driving because of an inability to read road signs, but this really isn’t an issue. The images used on the signs are things that you are already used to seeing on the road signs in your home country. They are easy to read and understand, and are in no way a hindrance to your ability to get where you want to go. Gas is subject to heavy taxes, and is therefore likely to be a good deal more expensive than you are used to. Many of the roads operate on a toll system, which means you will need to have some cash on hand to pay. These are things you should budget for on top of the price you pay for your car rental in Norway.

One of the main reasons to travel anywhere is to see all the wonderful sights that a country has on offer. Norway is home to many of these, and they are easy to find thanks to the way in which the roads are laid out. Most the major cities in the country are connected by National Tourist Routes, which are roads that lead to all the important tourist spots in Norway. This is the safest way to go, as getting off the main roads means making it a whole lot tougher to find places to fuel up. It’s easy to rent a car in Norway, and it’s absolutely the best way to get from place to place. There’s a lot to see and do, and it’s great to be able to do it all on your own schedule.


viking ship museum, visit oslo norway

Car rental Oslo

Oslo – As you might expect from a city founded in 1040, there are a lot of historical buildings to be found in Oslo, as well as a ton of great museums. Given that Oslo serves as the capital city of Norway, it is where a lot of visitors set up a base camp before traveling to other parts of the country in a rental car. As far as sightseeing goes, there is a lot to see and do, and while most are affordable to gain entry to, you can get into many tourist spots for free by picking up an Oslo Pass, which is good for a specified amount of time.

There is a lot of history in Oslo, and that means there are a lot of museums. The Fram Polar Ship Museum is very interesting, and it also has a full sized ship built inside, which you can get on and explore. The Viking Ship Museum is another interesting one, as it is full to brimming with history and information on the Viking People. If you feel like taking a break from driving your rental car in Oslo, we suggest that you get off the road and onto the water with a guided fjord tour. The scenery is breathtaking, and you will get countless amazing photo opportunities.

tromso northern lights by car rental

Car rental Tromso

Tromso – If you are traveling to Tromso from Oslo in your rental car, you are going to be looking at a couple of days on the E6 highway, although there are other places you can stop at and visit along the way, some of which we will talk about later in this piece. Tromso lies in the northern part of Norway, and actually sits above the Arctic Circle, making it a great place to go if you are interested in seeing the Northern Lights. There are plenty of other sights to visit in your car rental in Tromso, including the Science Center of Norway, which includes a theater that has a movie dedicated to the aurora borealis. While you may think that nothing grows in this part of the world, a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Tromso will prove you wrong. Make sure to also stop by the city center, where you will find some wonderfully quaint wooden houses.

June, July, and August are the busiest times of the year, so if you plan on taking your Tromso trip in any of those months, plan accordingly. Once you have the vehicle that you want, the ride from the airport into the center of town is a short one, and is where all the wonderful things to see and do begin.

colored houses bergen

Car rental Bergen

Bergen – The trip to Bergen from Oslo takes about 8 hours along the E6, after which you will be rewarded with one of the most picturesque cities in all of Norway. Bergen is ideally situated, sitting in the shadow of the mountains, whilst also being located on the longest, deepest fjord in Norway. People who travel to Bergen usually do so to visit the colorful houses of Bryggen, which just happens to be a World Heritage Site. If you are looking to get out of the weather and spend some fun time indoor with the kids, be sure to park your rental car and visit Vannkanten Waterworld, a water park that is home to the largest waterslide in Norway. There are also countless museums and galleries to visit in Bergen, which makes it an ideal spot for those of you looking for a little slice of culture on your travels.

Bergen encompasses 180 square miles, which means a little bit of traveling is going to be required in order to see all the sights. You could go on guided tours to these spots, or you can set your own schedule and travel at your own pace when you rent a car in Bergen. Simply pick the car that best suits your specific needs, and then set off on the many adventures that wait for you in Bergen.


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Car rental Trondheim

Trondheim – Located in central Norway, Trondheim is roughly 500 km along the E6 from Oslo, so you are definitely going to need a rental car if you plan on taking that trip. The city itself sits on the Trondheim Fjord, and is graced by the Nidaros Cathedral, which dates all the way back to the 11th century. This attraction may well be your first stop when you arrive in Trondheim, but it will certainly not be your last. Music lovers are sure to get a kick out of the Rockheim Museum, which is dedicated to all things Norwegian pop music. You don’t need to know who all the artists are to be entertained in this cool museum. Wooden structures are a big part of Norwegian culture, and one of the more amazing wooden buildings can be found in Trondheim. The Stiftsgarden is a gran royal structure that was originally built in the 18th century.

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Car rental Lofoten

Lofoten – Lofoten is an archipelago, or group of islands, located in the heart of the Arctic Circle, but you may not need to bundle up too severely when you visit, as this location is actually quite temperate compared to other parts of Norway. Given that you are surrounded by water in Lofoten, much of what you will do here will require you to get out on a boat. Whale watching tours are usually good to go. Lofoten is not that far off the mainland, but once there, things tend to be a little bit spread out. Getting from end to end takes drive of about 180 km along the E10 stretch of road, which is why a Lofoten car rental is the right way to start your vacation. There are plenty of things to see and do in this stunning part of the world, but not all of them are available during the times when public transport is in operation.

Pulpit Rock Stavanger

Car rental Stavanger

Stavanger – Stavanger is located in the southwestern part of Norway, and is about an 8-hour drive from the capital city of Oslo. The cobbled streets of Old Stavanger are where you can park your rental car and take a leisurely stroll, visiting quant little shops and cafes along the way. The oil industry is big in this part of the world, and there are tours and museums devoted to the history of the industry in Stavanger. If you are more into adventure, then there is plenty to keep you occupied. Pulpit Rock is a great spot for people who like to hike, while a more strenuous day of hiking and camping can be found at Preikestolen, a steep rock outcropping that also welcomes climbers from every part of the world. The Stavanger Cathedral, which dates back to the 12th century, is also well worth a visit.



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