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Car Rental in Stavanger

Immerse Yourself in Nature, History, and Culture

City car in Stavanger with harbor view, flying seagulls and blooming roses

Positioned on the stunning southwestern coast of Norway, Stavanger boasts an perfect blend of natural attractions and cultural highlights. Known for its exciting history in oil industry, Stavanger is now a bustling tourist destination offering everything from prehistoric rock carvings at Solbakk to spectacular voyages through the unforgettable Norwegian fjords. The Old Town (Gamle Stavanger) is particularly enticing, with white wooden houses dating back to the 18th century that transport you back in time.

A car journey around the Stavanger region presents a variety of fascinating places to visit. Starting in the city center, taking the tourist route to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) will lead you to breathtaking views straight from a postcard. The world-famous Kjeragbolten, is another stop you don't want to miss, with the suspended boulder providing a unique photo opportunity. Each of these destinations should be top of your list and they are conveniently located within a 2-hour car drive from Stavanger.

Continue your road trip to the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, one of the city's top tourist attractions. Here you can gain an insider's perspective on Norway's oil industry through fun and interactive exhibits. Or, drive up to the historic Sola Beach, located just 15 minutes away from the city center. This iconic beach is renowned for its golden sands and clear waters, offering a serene escape from city life. Whether your interests lie in history, culture, or the great outdoors, Stavanger's close proximity to a variety of attractions makes it a driver's paradise.

Stavanger Car Rental

Practical Information

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Stavanger?

The cost of renting a car in Stavanger can vary greatly depending on the time of year, rental company, and type of car. On average, rental cars in Stavanger can range from 60 to 160 USD per day. We suggest comparing offers from different rental companies to get the best deal.

2. What is the most rented car model in Stavanger?

The compact size cars are usually the most popular rental choice because Stavanger's old town has narrow streets. However, if you plan to explore the surrounding natural areas, a 4x4 or SUV may be more suitable.

3. What are the most popular places to rent a car in Stavanger?

Popular car rental pick-up locations in Stavanger are the Stavanger airport Sola (SVG) and the city center.

4. Is pick-up and drop-off available 24/7?

Most car rental companies offer 24/7 service for pick-up and drop-off, but some may have restricted hours. It is recommended to check the opening hours when booking your car rental.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

There's usually no strict minimum rental period, but daily rates can be higher for short-term rentals.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Stavanger?

The minimum age to rent a car in Norway is generally 19 years, but some rental companies in Stavanger may require the driver to be at least 21 or even 25 for certain vehicle classes.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Stavanger?

To rent a car in Stavanger, you will need a valid driving license, a credit card, and identification, such as a passport.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Stavanger by car?

The best time to visit Stavanger by car is in the summer months when the weather is warm and the days are long, allowing you more time to explore.

9. What are the main airports in Stavanger?

The main airport in Stavanger is Sola (SVG), which is located about 11 km from the city center. There's also the nearby Haugesund Airport, located about 70 km away.

10. Can I pick up the car in Stavanger and drop it off in another city?

Most car rental companies offer the possibility to drop off the car at different locations, but this service usually comes with an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Stavanger – 27-11-2023. Felix: As someone who frequently drives in Stavanger, I was very impressed with the rental company's service. I had a minor problem with the car rented on 27-11-2023 and their staff was prompt and kind in solving it. The car was also priced quite reasonably which I found surprising for the high-quality vehicle I was provided. Will use again.


Stavanger – 13-09-2023. Samantha: Rented a car in Stavanger on 13-09-2023 and it was a delightful experience. The company's customer service was above standard, with responsive staff ready to assist at any moment. I managed to explore the beautiful city at a comfortable pace thanks to their wonderful vehicle. As a bonus, the cost was easy on the pocket!


Stavanger – 18-07-2023. Amos: Visiting Stavanger was made smoother by this car rental company. Efficiency in getting the vehicle ready and amiable personnel made the process a breeze. The car's performance was perfect, easily maneuvering through the city's streets. The price point was spot-on making this a value-for-money service. Highly recommending them!


Stavanger – 04-06-2023. Olive: Hired a car from this rental company during my Stavanger visit on 04-06-2023. Without doubt, they offer exceptional service! Staff was very understanding and accommodating. The car was in top condition and made my trip trouble free. The best part, it wasn't as expensive as I expected!


Stavanger – 18-03-2023. Hector: Rented a car while in Stavanger during March. Fast service and very professional staff, and, importantly, the location was ideal being central in the city. The car was in fine condition and made my commute easy. Furthermore, the pricing was quite fair.


Stavanger – 02-02-2023. Beatrice: Loved this rental company in Stavanger. Car hired in February was in top-notch condition, it functioned superbly during my stay. Praiseworthy customer service too. The pricing was reasonable and worth the quality service received. Cheers!

Driving Connections

From Stavanger to Other Destinations

  1. Stavanger - Kristiansand: It's a 240 km journey via E39, usually takes around 3 hours. Highways are well maintained but heavy traffic might occur.
  2. Stavanger - Oslo: Distance is 549 km via E18, takes around 6-7 hours depending on traffic. Roads are in good condition, passing through scenic routes.
  3. Stavanger - Bergen: It's a 209 km journey via E39, typically takes 3-4 hours. Beautiful scenic drive but weather can impact road conditions.
  4. Stavanger - Haugesund: Distance of 85 km via E39, takes about 1 hour. Roads are in immaculate condition but can be busy during rush hours.
  5. Stavanger - Sandnes: It's only 17 km via Rv13 and usually takes less than 30 minutes. Roads are excellent with minimal traffic congestion.
  6. Stavanger - Lysefjord: Approximately 42 km via Rv13 and Fv661, takes around 1 hour. Mountainous terrain might require careful driving.
  7. Stavanger - Pulpit Rock: It's a 40 km journey via Rv13. Expect about an hour drive, roads are good, but can get narrow and winding in places.

Driving in Stavanger

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Stavanger?

In Stavanger, like the rest of Norway, you should always drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit in Stavanger?

The general speed limits in Stavanger and Norway are: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 80 km/h on open roads, and 110 km/h on motorways. Always pay attention to local speed limit signs as speed limits may vary.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Stavanger?

Yes, speed cameras known as 'automatic traffic control' (ATC) are common on Norwegian roads, including Stavanger. Penalties for speeding can be severe.

4. Do I need a specific driving license to drive in Stavanger?

If you hold a driving license from an EU or EEA country, you can use it in Norway. Other foreign licenses can be used in Norway for up to three months.

5. Are there toll roads in Stavanger?

Yes. Most Norwegian cities, including Stavanger, have toll rings. The funds generated from these are used for transportation infrastructure.

6. What are the general traffic rules I should be aware of?

In general, Norwegian traffic rules follow European standards. U-turns and right turns at red signal are prohibited unless a sign indicates otherwise.

7. What are the safety rules I should follow while driving in Stavanger?

Seat belts are obligatory. Children must use approved safety equipment suitable for their age, size, and weight. It is illegal to drive with blood alcohol content of 0.02% or above.

8. Are there peak traffic hours in Stavanger?

Yes, Stavanger, like most cities, can have busy traffic during rush hours typically between 7-9 am and 3-5 pm.

9. Can I use my home country's driver license in Stavanger?

Many foreign driving licenses are valid in Norway, including EU, EEA and some others for up to three months. Beyond this period, you will need a Norwegian license.

10. How do I pay for toll roads in Stavanger?

Most Norwegian toll roads use automatic toll stations. Cars are detected and owners receive an invoice by mail at the end of the month. Alternatively, AutoPASS can be bought and registered for the car.

11. Are the traffic signs in Stavanger in English?

Traffic signs in Norway follow European standards and use international symbols, making them easily understandable, even if you don't speak Norwegian.

12. Are there specific driving rules for winter in Stavanger?

Between November and April, all cars driving on winter roads in Norway must have either studded tires or non-studded winter tires.

13. What should I do if my car breaks down?

If your car breaks down on the road in Norway, you should call road assistance. It's advisable to have road assistance cover on your car insurance.

14. What rules apply for overtaking in Stavanger?

Overtaking must be carried out on the left, and not in sharp bends or on the crest of a hill where visibility is limited. Always ensure you have enough space and time to overtake safely.

15. What happens if I get a traffic fine in Stavanger?

If you receive a traffic fine in Norway, it should be paid promptly. The penalty notice will inform how and where to pay.

Stavanger Top Attractions

Scenic Routes for Car Renters

  1. Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock): Iconic cliff offering breathtaking views of the Lysefjord.
  2. Old Stavanger: Historical area with well-preserved wooden houses.
  3. Norwegian Petroleum Museum: Unique museum showcasing Norway's oil production history.
  4. Flor and Fjære: Tropical garden island with an abundance of vibrant flowers.
  5. Sverd i Fjell (Three Swords): Monumental sculpture representing a historical Viking battle.
  6. Stavanger Cathedral: Norway's oldest cathedral with stunning gothic architecture.
  7. Norwegian Canning Museum: Nostalgic museum depicting early 19th-century canning operations.
  8. Lysefjord: Scenic fjord offering a range of thrilling outdoor activities.

Top Road Trips from Stavanger

Explore Norway's Scenic Routes by Car

  1. Stavanger to Bergen: A scenic 210 km drive showcasing Norway's west coast beauty and Fjord landscapes. Don't miss a stop at the breathtaking Preikestolen cliff overlooking the Lysefjord.
  2. Stavanger to Kristiansand: This 235 km road trip takes you through charming coastal towns and beautiful beaches, perfect for a sunny day trip.
  3. Stavanger to Oslo: An extensive 530 km journey showcasing stunning country landscapes and significant cities like Kristiansand and Drammen. Do visit the Kjeragbolt hiking trail for a thrilling adventure.
  4. The Atlantic Road: A daring 726 km road trip taking you over the iconic bridge with dramatic ocean views. Start in Stavanger and end in Averoy for a thrilling journey.
  5. Pulpit Rock Adventure: This is a short but exciting 8 km road trip from Stavanger, journeying to a mountain plateau with breathtaking views of the Lysefjord.
  6. Nordaustlandet Roundtrip: A 160 km scenic drive from Stavanger through majestic fjords, islands and charming Norwegian countryside. Possible stops include beautiful places such as Rennesoy and Mosteroy.
  7. Rogaland Scenic Route: This 160 km round trip from Stavanger leads you through the scenic county of Rogaland, famous for its phenomenal landscapes and charming fishing villages.