Norwegian Tourist Attractions

Best Norwegian tourist attractions, car rental


If you take the time to visit Norway once, we can guarantee that you will leave wanting more. This is the longest country in all of Europe, which makes taking in all the best Norwegian tourist attractions in a single visit just about impossible. With so many amazing things to see and do, listing all of them here just isn’t possible. What we have done is come up with some of the more popular Norway attractions in hopes that you can find a few that you would like to build your journey around. Perhaps pick just one, and then start to look at what other great Norway tourist attractions are nearby, as this will help you plan your journey that much more effectively.

The Top Norway Points of Interest

As mentioned earlier, Norway is large, and has over 21,000 km of coastline waiting to be explored. There are several ways to get around the country, but if you want to create your own adventures, a car rental is the way to go. The roads there are comparatively quiet, and are all very well maintained. It’s a country built for exploring, and many of the Norway tourist attractions are located along special roads designed specifically for these types of travels.

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1. Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue)

One stop that you have to take along the way is at a place that may well be one of the most photographed in the world. Trolltunga is a massive rock outcrop that sits almost 2,000 feet high, and which requires a roundtrip hike of 8-10 hours to access. It’s a trip worth taking, though, especially if you want an amazing photo opportunity.

2. Northern Lights

You cannot travel to Norway and not try to see the Northern Lights. You will need to head to the northern part of the country for the best viewing opportunities, and you will need to book your trip between October and March. This is Mother nature at her very best.

3. Norwegian fjords

One of the most dominant features in Norway are the many fjords found dotted across the landscape. Some of these fjords are massive in scale, and ca be explored by taking a leisurely cruise for a couple of nights. There are even some cruises that combine fjord exploration and Northern Lights viewing, so consider booking one of those if you want to kill two birds with one stone.

4. Voringfossen waterfall

Nestled between Oslo and Bergen is a stunning valley that is home to the Voringfossen waterfall. At over 600 feet high, these falls are not the highest in the country, but their unique and beautiful surroundings have helped them become one of the most visited Norwegian tourist attractions.

Norway is a country that has tourist attractions that appeal to all sorts of different people. Adventurers can go hiking, dog sledding, and climbing, while those who like things a little more laid back can take in the amazing scenery and that fabulous museums found in every major city. The list of Norwegian tourist attractions is long and varied, and that’s what makes this place such a wonderful travel destination.